His latest solo release, First In Line, features Sean Rickman on drums and appearances by George Belton (bass), James “Chordy” Teagle (keys), Quibee (vocals), and Adam Gussow (harmonica). Mixed by Andrew Dunbar, the 8 original songs are rooted in all aspects of blues, from hard-hitters (Fine Way, In My Mind), to funky (Waiting Blues, Big Bower’s Hour), to upbeat drivers (I’m Taking Notes, Broken Song), and traditional blues compositions (Dirt Blues, Lone Soul). First In Line was tracked at Rich’s Bradshaw Studios in Virginia.

Fine Way
  1. 1. Fine Way
  2. 2. Waiting Blues
  3. 3. Lone Soul
  4. 4. Broken Song (feat. George Belton & Adam Gussow)
  5. 5. Big Bower’s Hour (feat. Quibee)
  6. 6. In My Mind
  7. 7. I’m Taking Notes
  8. 8. Dirt Blues (feat. George Belton & Adam Gussow)